A dream come true, a promise kept, a mission to “Pay it Forward” and share a wonderful, proven tool to uplift, gain courage, inspire, calm and focus on the positive during a challenging time in one’s life…Courage Cards make an amazing gift if you know of someone either going through a difficult time, a change in life, or pursuing a lofty goal.  A constant and loyal companion to uplift and inspire 24/7… When you just aren’t sure what to say, or how to help, Courage Cards are the answer and make an amazing gift to someone you care about.

Inspired by the miracles in her garden, and the soul food received there, Gretchen Southwell is thrilled to tackle her life’s dream as a Metal Sculptor and Garden Artist.  Ten years of dreaming and designing in her head, the Courage Cards helped her to face her fear, dig deep and rise to the challenge of “Drawing with Fire” and create wonderful, whimsical garden art.  Vivacious Spirit…proof that all trials in life can be used for good!  Be defined not by your trial, but what you do with it!


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