Courage Cards!

Courage Cards are an amazing, proven tool to uplift and encourage people of all ages.

Courage Cards, with their beautiful images and uplifting words, are a powerful thought-transforming tool for people going through difficult times.  No matter the cause of the life challenge, Courage Cards will bring comfort and encouragement to their recipient any time day or night.  They are available for purchase individually and in larger quantities for retail locations, churches, and other organizations whose purpose is to bring healing to the people they serve.  Vivacious Spirit also encourages Courage Cards as a fund raising opportunity for Non-Profit organizations!  This set of cards is an amazing, proven tool to uplift and encourage people of all ages with hurting hearts.

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VIVACIOUS defined…lively, spirited, vital, gay, bubbling, sparkling, cheerful, jolly, animated, merry, upbeat, high-spirited, ebullient, chirpy, sparky, scintillating, sprightly, effervescent, full of life, frolicsome, sportive, light-hearted…

VIVACIOUS SPIRIT…When naming this endeavor, a dear friend thought Vivacious summed up my personality as a mother, a friend, an artist, a gardener, a daughter, a business woman…Thanks to her and many others, I am pursuing my dream and  “Living Vivaciously”!!!!

Vivacious Spirit is truly a dream come true, as well as, a promise kept.  The many products I’ve created are authentic, heartfelt expressions that came from different chapters of my life…some of them joyful, and some of them excruciating…all of them defining.  I want the lasting legacy of my life to be that I faithfully used all of my experiences for good, and helped others along the way.

I hope that whether you’re going through a challenging time in your life, or joyfully pursuing your goals, you find courage, peace, purpose, hope, faith, joy, compassion, encouragement, inspiration and love by being right here, right now.


Courage Cards…

“When Life is tough,

and you feel down,

read these cards,

to turn your thoughts around.

They’re created with love,

We’ve been there too,

You’re not alone…these are for you!”

These cards were developed as a tool to help me through a very difficult time, when I was challenged in every aspect of life all at once…pretty much leveled with a broken heart, broken hearted daughters, financially devastated, and a broken spirit.  I kept the cards in my purse, and at my bedside, and whenever I felt fearful, filled with anxiety, or in need of courage, I read through them, refreshed my spirit and moved on.

Each day, I faced the challenges of re-creating a new life, and as pathetic as I felt, found true blessings along the way…my church, family, friends, my dog, nature, books, horses, music, walks, etc.  I distinctly remember a long sleepless night, looking at the stars, wondering “why?”  I gave up waiting for the answer, and instead, promised God that if He would get me through this chapter, I would use it for good.  These Courage Cards came to me shortly after that night, and ever since, an inner whisper grew into a near shouting to help others and keep my promise…Here they are to help you and yours!  A promise kept!

Suggestions for whom may benefit from Courage Cards…young or old, male or female-people who are dealing with loss, or illness, change, trials, and challenges of any form.  They may be used to pull someone up out of depression or simply bolster the courage of someone facing any type of challenge and may need extra encouragement.

Metal Garden Art

Drawing with fire is what I call torch cutting and welding for the garden art designs that have been stored in my head for years!  Please don’t wait as long as I did to pursue your dreams!  Prior to my first attempt, I wondered whether or not I could actually do it, or if maybe my dream would die and it would prove to be too much for me…Upon completing my first piece, my spirit soared!  I could hardly contain my excitement over conquering a fear and actually doing it!  Powerful!  It was all I hoped it would be and then some…I love drawing with fire, the smell of steel, the dirt on my hands and clothes, my leather gloves and apron, my funky welding helmet, and the thoughts in my head with my finished piece…poetry for each of them!

Hearts and Flowers…part of being a Vivacious Spirit!

Fancy Flowers…I’ve grown up part time in the country, part time at the country club…horses, tractors, wild flowers, rivers and streams, then fancy dinners, all dressed up, fashion-ista, my best manners, swim team and tennis.  My “Fancy Flowers” combine the raw strength of steel and rough cut edges of the leaves, with recycled silver plate, pewter, glass and other materials to create a unique sculpture for your garden.  The metal intentionally left to rust, the contrasting materials are a heartfelt expression of different contrasting aspects of each and every one of us…combined beautifully and uniquely to stand out among your flowers…I’ve often asked my daughters, “Why would you try so hard to fit in, when you were born to stand out?”  Each one of us needs to ask ourselves that question occasionally!

Healing Hearts…Raw steel, strong, intentionally rough around the edges and imperfect…sometimes cold, sometimes hot…sounds like love!  Joy, pain, scars, walls, guards, passion, freedom, nirvana…all of it…worth it!

Good Luck Symbol…The Horse Shoe…Being a horse nut for all of my life, I’m amazed by them…the smell of grain on their breath, the sound of thundering hoof beats, the feel of their strong muscles, the wind in my face and the sheer power they offer when riding together…My Dad’s old cowboy boots hang on a tall hook in my garden, and his retired polo mallets and tack are displayed in my home.  I simply love the big beasts!  The horse shoe represents good luck, and when they face upward, the luck doesn’t run out!  Displayed among the flowers, I think of all the wonderful feelings associated with horses when I see them and who couldn’t use a little extra good luck!

Wooden Garden Art and Big ETC!

Birdhouses…Making a joyful home for our feathered friends who remind us of who the ultimate designer and creator is…I love the sounds of the birds in the spring, as a dear friend put it, “The birds in the garden sound like a symphony warming up!”  My garden humbles me, inspires me, fills me, and reminds me to honor and thank my creator…it brings me so much joy!  Okay, it kicks my butt too, but I love it!

Painted Wood Designs…Painted colorfully, with twisted wire to hang it with, mine occupy space on my garage, shed and studio!  I suppose they could hang on a wall indoors as well, just a cheerful reminder to Live Vivaciously!

Iris and Lilly Plants and Poems…Original poems written to accompany an Iris or Lilly  honoring the person receiving the plant-able perennial gift with a heartfelt thank you.  The plant that flowers and multiplies year after year will remain a constant reminder of the difference the recipient made in your or your child’s life.  These make wonderful end-of-the-year teacher gifts!

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